7 Road side foods you don’t want to miss when in Nigeria.

With over 370 tribes in Nigeria, each with its own unique culture, tradition and ofcourse cuisine, it is safe to say that the country has a variety of dishes.

Between the assortment of soups best eaten with swallows, to side dishes like pepper soup, and street foods like suya, there is never a lack of options with Nigerian delicacies.

Many a Nigerian dish, as previously stated, is however often tied to a tribe or culture. That said, here are 7 native Nigerian street foods from the various parts of the country everyone should try at least once.
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Suya: A less dried version of kilishi, suya can be described as barbecued meat. Though of northern extract, suya sellers can be found in any corner of the country, and it’s sold mostly at night.
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Puff puff: Very similar to donuts, puff puff is usually sold on street sides in transparent show glasses. Get puff puff recipe click here

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Abacha: No, not the late Nigerian dictator. Abacha (tapioca) is an Eastern Nigerian delicacy which has rapidly gained grounds as a Lagos street food. Abacha combined the tapioca with oil, potash, onions, fish and several other condiments.

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Roasted corn and pear/coconut: Whenever corn is in season, you can count on finding roasted corn dotting the streets of Lagos, sold alongside pear (ube) and/or coconut.

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Moin moin: Made by boiling ground beans paste, moin moin is another popular Lagos street food. Get moin moin recipe click here

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Noodles and egg: It’s not uncommon to find queues around noodles and egg joints at night. As the name suggests, this quick meal comprises of cooked noodles garnished with a variety of things like sausages, onions and fish served alongside one fried/boiled egg.

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Bole and Roasted Fish: Roasted plantain aka bole, can be found on many a Lagos commercial street side. It is usually eaten alongside groundnuts.
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