Activities Nigerians mostly engage in while at Home

Throughout 2021, it’s become normal to spend lots of time at home. Of course, many people have enjoyed this, as home is the perfect place to relax and unwind. Plus, you have total freedom to do whatever you like, which is a luxury during these strange times.

However, some people are low on ideas and creativity when it comes to at-home activities, so this article is here to help you. It will quickly cover some of the best activities you can by yourself whilst at home – and don’t worry, all these ideas are low-cost.

  1. Online gambling

When you think of gambling, you probably see the bright lights of Las Vegas and hear the sound of poker chips flying across tables.

Online gambling is very similar to this, which is why it’s suddenly exploded in popularity. The only difference is you experience the thrills and magic through a screen, instead – be it an iPhone, Android, or computer.

So, when you’re at home, one of the most exciting activities you can do is gambling, with online casinos being the perfect outlet. To learn more, ready about the relationship between bitcoin and gambling in 2021.


  1. Exercise

Since 2020, many gyms and other fitness zones have had to shut down due to the pandemic. Naturally, this has meant fitness fanatics and beginners have had to exercise and work out at home instead.

Surprisingly, this has been super enjoyable. Exercising at home gives you much-needed privacy. Plus, you can work at your own pace without feeling self-conscious about those around you.

Online fitness groups and classes have also become a huge part of people’s home lives over the past year. For example, there are thousands of different fitness classes you can subscribe to on YouTube, like the mega-popular Joe Wick’s channel ‘The Body Coach TV’.


  1. Self-photoshoot

Everyone has a friend who is also their destined photographer at parties and on nights out. However, that friend isn’t always with you, which means you need to take some selfies and photos yourself.

This is a fun activity to do at home, as you have creative freedom to alter the lighting, change angles, and switch outfits for different photos. Plus, you can take however long you like to do your photoshoot – as you’re not working around a photographer’s schedule.

A great starting point is to buy a selfie stick, or phone stand for your photoshoot. From here, you can plan your outfits, lighting, and poses.

Also, pro tip: turn on ‘burst mode’ so that your phone takes a ton of photos in quick succession. This way, you can settle on the photos with the best angles after your shoot is finished.

Once you’ve completed your self-photo shoot, you can get to work editing. Here, you can add filters, do some cropping, and even add effects.

When everything is finished, you’ll be able to upload your shots to social media for your friends and followers to see. You might have even discovered that you have a secret talent for photography along the way!

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